Our sheep

We have chosen a special Dutch sheep breed for our landscape management.

Our sheep are called the "Ruischapen" which is roughly translated as shedding-sheep. This sheep has an important advantage that is sheds its coat same as other mamals such as horses and dogs. This is a big benefit as the sheep don't need clipping in the summer time when the temperatures are increasing. In addition the loose coat is happily collected by birds who use it to build their nests. Another big advantage of this breed is the absence of horns and their reasonable low height. This in combination with a good workable character, makes this sheep a valuable worker in our service for environmentally landschape management.



The Maasduinen schaap also is more fertile then most other breeds of sheep. They are able to have lambs both in the early spring and in the autumn. Especially on the Solarparks, where the solar panels provide shelter from the weather (wind, rain, sun )are the ideal circumstances for lambs to grow up to be healty and strong sheep.

Another strong point of this breeds is its appetite for different weeds. Due to their selected characteristics these sheep will eat almost all weeds which most other sheep breeds refuse to eat. This makes them exceptionally good for maintaining grounds of solar parks where often after installing the solar modules lots of weeds have grown.

Only down side of these sheep is that due to their posture, they are not so big, and their diet of weeds, they are not very suitable for the meat industry, therefore not many traditional sheep breeders will have use for these sheep.