English Version: The happy Grazers


We are Johan  and Leonie Kreeft and we are the owners and founders of  "De vrolijke Grazers"or translated "The happy Grazers".


With our flocks of special Dutch grazing sheep we offer our services for environmentally friendly landschape management. This also includes manual/mechanical maintenance activities for areas where our sheep can not graze.

In addition we also breed certified healty Dutch sheep; the unique Maasduinen sheep and the Kempisch Heideschaap of which sometime good ewes are available for sale. Both sheep breeds are very special and uniquely adapted for usage on solar parks and targeted areas for hogweed control or grazing of specific (agricultural) fields.

As we are a smaller and young company we are flexible and always looking for a good business cooperations with our clients. So if you are curious how we might be able to serve you in managing your landscape, please contact us via below contact field.